Raw Goat Milk


member logosWe are now offering fresh, raw goat milk and cheese!  We have a mixed herd of Mini and Purebred Nigerian Dwarfs, Sannens, Oberhasli and Nubian dairy goats.  They are tested annually and disease free, registered, top of the line goats that are allowed open pasture, fed organic grain, provided shelter, head scratches, snuggles and all natural herbal health care.  Our goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association and The Mini Goat Registry.

Goat milk is available for sale from the farm.  You can pick it up at the farm if you’re in the area or enjoy a drive to the country side, or will be available to pick up at farmer’s markets when we are in attendance or at a couple drop sites in Eugene.  We want to work with our customers’ needs and make this amazing milk available to those that need and want it.

Our Dairy Prices

goatmilkFresh Raw Milk
$4/Quart | $8/Half Gallon | $14/Gallon

Or Join our Herd Share Membership and get milk every week during the season!  You pay at the beginning of every month and on a selected day of the week that works for your schedule, you receive your share of milk (you pick the quantity too).

kefir Kefir – A drinkable, fermented, raw milk packed with probiotics & beneficial yeasts.
(Yogurt vs. Kefir)

Plain: $2/Half Pint | $4/Pint | $8/Quart
Flavors available seasonally and will be priced as marked.

chevreChevre – A soft, raw goat cheese.

Plain: $1/oz  (Order in 1 – 16 oz. increments)
Flavors  available seasonally and will be priced as marked.

ricottaRicotta – A curdy cheese

Plain: $1/oz (Order in 1 – 16 oz. increments)


What is Raw?  Raw milk has not been pasteurized or heated above the temperature of the goat.

Why Raw?  Raw milk has more and better nutrients for you.  As milk is heated to a temperature high enough to kill any pathogens, the make up of the milk fats and proteins also changes.

Why Goat Milk? Goat milk has smaller protein molecules that more closely resemble human milk, making it easier for us to digest.  There’s a lot of great information out there about this including this page from The Nourishing Gourmet, Natural News and Mother Earth News.

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