Our Goodies


All natural, pastured eggs are available for purchase at $6 per dozen.  Our happy hens roam free gobbling up grass and bugs and are given supplemental sprouted grains and greens.

Goat’s Milk

Delicious raw goat’s milk is available for most or all of the year from our farm stand. The farm stand is self serve so you can drop by or check in view text, phone or social media to be sure milk is available.  We have lots and lots of milk in the Spring and slowly dwindles down to none in the Winter while the mamas are pregnant.  More info here.


Our farm produces all natural, fruits and veggies bio-intensively on an acre of land.  No chemicals are ever used for any reason!  Check out what’s currently available by visiting the farm stand or check for updates on Instagram and Facebook.

Pastured Pork (NOT Available 2019)

We’re going into our third round of raising pasture raised pigs.  We’re learned alot and are ready to increase our production to provide more quality pork to our neighbors.  We’ve bought a pure breed, heritage, gilt that is a Gloucestershire Old Spot “Petunia”.  When she is old enough we will breed her and have another round of pigs available to purchase.  Depending how things go… we may offer some weaner pigs in addition to butchered halves and whole hogs.  Our pigs are raised roaming free in the pasture eating grass, worms, blackberries, and are supplemented with spent brewer’s grain, sprouted peas and non gmo grain.  Pork is priced at $6/lb hanging weight plus butcher/cut wrap fees thru Farmer’s Helper.  These always sell quickly once we announce them as being available, so if you’d like to get on the wait list for pork, please contact us.

Pastured Chicken (NOT Available 2019)

We raise all natural, chickens through out the year on pasture and a supplement of sprouted grains and goodies from the garden.  We have both Hybrid Broilers and Heritage Breed birds available frozen and fresh when pre ordered.  Broilers grow fast and therefore are more familiar to those accustomed to buying chickens in the grocery store (larger breasts, mild flavor, very tender).  Hybrid birds have been developed to grow so quickly that they’re life force and organs wear out young and are not able to be kept for breeding or egg laying.  Heritage birds are old breeds that are what grandma use to cook.  Because they take 3-4 times as long to reach  mature weight, they develop more muscle and have a stronger flavor and are a little less tender.  We’ve been developing a mixed breed heritage bird that we think is going to be really great by combining a very large breed (Jersey Giant) and a faster growing (Delaware).  We’ll be share our results with you and hope you sample both for a taste comparison.  Whole chickens are $5/lb (typical birds weigh 3-6 lbs).  Chickens can be added to the Market Share Basket for $4/lb.

Heritage Turkeys (NOT Available 2019)

We will be raising 50 turkeys to process in the Fall of 2016.  Order your Holiday Dinner birds now to ensure availability.  Our turkeys are heritage breeds and range in weight from 13lbs to 30+ lbs.  They are allowed to roam the pasture, foraging for food during the day and are locked up for their safety at night where they are supplemented with sprouted grains including wheat, lentils, barley and kelp.  Our all natural, pastured turkey will be available to pickup fresh or frozen the week of Thanksgiving.  Pre order early!  They sell out quick.  Selling for $5/lb ($20 deposit due when order is placed.)  Discount available to Market Share Basket members.