The Farm

We are a relatively new farm located in the beautiful, Southern Willamette Valley… just West of Eugene, Oregon.  Some items we provide now or in the  near future include pastured pork and poultry, eggs, fruit, produce and honey.  These yummies will be available at select farmer’s markets around the Eugene Springfield area during market seasons and thru our CSA program.

We are located on a 5 acre family farm where animals roam free of cages eating things that the earth provides for them and plants are nurtured with the same types of attention that keeps us healthy… quality nutrients and conditions.  We NEVER use any chemicals on our crops and our animals are raised all naturally. We have administered antibiotics to a sick calf, once, when it was needed to save his life.   We don’t oppose the medical use of such medications but they are never administered without absolutely needing it as a means to save a life.  We use herbal remedies whenever possible.

We are not certified organic, and we contemplate engaging in that process… partly on principle, partly due to budgeting.  We are a small, family farm and prefer that you get to know us and see how we produce top quality food without chemicals.  The system that requires we pay a government entity to prove we grow our food organically while industrialized farmers pay nothing and are allowed to poison our lands and people is a backwards approach.  For us personally, a certified organic bag of beans grown in China and shipped around the world has much less appeal than a non certified bag of beans grown by our neighbors that we know and trust to provide us with the best quality food for our benefit and the benefit of their resources and land.  We hope that we can be your neighbor!