Dairy Goats

We have a mixed herd of dairy goats that all offer different milk characteristics and when blended together a rich, creamy, delicious and nutritious food.  All our does are registered with the ADGA or the TMGR.

We have goats for sale!  Interested in getting goats?  We love to talk to people interested and would love to let you visit our herd.

Nigerian Dwarfs

We started off raising Nigerian Dwarfs within the city of Eugene when they changed the ordinance allowing up to three mini goats.  We still have our original two goats Pinot and Melissa.


Bella is our prized Nubian Dam.  She’s a wonderful milker, mother and friend.  We also have Bella’s doeling Mia is just as sweet as they come!


The great Saanens make up most of our goat herd these days.  Cami is our Queen, Lookin is a close second as our other full size Saanen.  Lookin adds waddles (cute little dangly bits that decorate their necks) to our herd.  We have many Mini Saanens which we are now kidding some beautiful 2nd Generation baby goats.