Fresh Eggs

Pastured Hens
Chickens, ducks and turkeys all share a Fall sunflower from the garden.

The best eggs come from happy, healthy, free to range the pasture chickens.  Our laying hens roam free all day long feasting on grass, bugs, worms and seeds.  They find spots of sunshine to bask in and piles of dirt to bath in, and best of all is when the pile of dirt is in the spot of sun!  Chickens loooove their dust baths and helps keep them free of pests like mites.

Our egg gals consist of a variety of favorite eggs breeds including Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, iphone 040816 250Americana (blue eggs), Speckled Sussex, Lace Wing Wyandottes, and Australorps.  Oh and I almost forget the Turkens or Transylvanian Naked Necks (that’s the lady to the right).   At first their odd looks with a completely naked neck and toupee looking spot of feathers on their heads are almost off putting but once you get to know them they are hardy, good mannered eggcelent hens!  The eggs come in a variety of shades of brown (some with speckles), white and blue/green.

Eggs are available year round, as long as the girls keep laying!  One Dozen Eggs April-September $5 and $6 the rest of the year to cover higher food costs and lower production (price to produce an egg increases).

We allow our hens to go through their natural cycles of brooding, molting and resting during the shorter days.  We provide minimal artificial light in the evenings of the Winter months but let them get their extra sleep when the sun heads South – it keeps them healthier and happier chickens (not just egg laying machines).