Meet Maya, Future Farmer


I am just an eleven year old girl. Exposed to the “Farm World”.  Sort of a farmer. I have just been starting to get this farm thing down . Sort of.  I am a winter baby, born January twenty ninth, 2005. I am in the fifth grade. I go to school in the town of Eugene and live there too. I think me and my dad will move out to the farm  with these crazy people! My parents are divorced so I am with my mom for three days but I get to be with my dad at the farm on the weekends.

I have a few story’s to tell about the past year.

One time, they got a rooster. And that rooster was not too fond of us! One day I was just walking around, looking up at the sky, humming a sweet song. And then, all of a sudden………… AHHHHH! I had just screeched because that DUMB rooster tried to jump up on me! So every SINGLE day, I would be too afraid to step outside!

Until one day, a nice man came to take a goat. He noticed the rooster. He asked if he could take a look at some roosters , so he did. Then he asked if they were for sale. Then my Dad and Ishbel looked at each other. Later that day the rooster was all gone! I was sooooo relieved! Now I am not scared to go outside anymore! NO MORE WILLIE!!!

Here is another story! So one day I wanted to witness a auction. So we went and we saw that no calves were selling! So the crazy lady that Ishbel is, She bought TWO BABY CALVES! They were probably about 1 day old or something like that. We bought two baby calves for TWENTY- FOUR DOLLARS! We “ just had to!”. But they were sick when we got them. So after two or so weeks one baby died. He had e-coli. I named the two calves, Vinnie, and Pauly. Get it? Cause they are jersey breeds! I am not very funny… But now they call the one alive “ animal”. It makes me wanna shout! So any ways, I guess it was contagious. So we all got it. WARNING! IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE GROSSED OUT, LEAVE THIS PAGE! We all got sick and started having diarieaa and I fainted because of it one time. But now we still have one calf and we love him.

Also, one time the pigs got out. I was just sitting on the chair doing my homework, then I hear screaming. “ MAYA! GET THE COMPOST! THE PIGS ARE OUT!!” So obviously I stood there like a doof for a second. And then I heard “ MAYA!”. Then I was on it. So I grabbed all the compost I could find and ran towards the field. I did not know what to do so I said “ WHAT DO I DO??” I said. “JUST THROW THE BUCKET!” So I did. That was a fun time!

Recently I witnessed a chicken being killed. Ishy forced me to look! BLOOD EVERYWHERE! I don’t feel like even explaining it. But any ways, the farm experience is pretty rad. We kill out OWN meat. So now I know where all of the meat I eat comes from. And the veggies and fruits! I am obsessed with garlic!!! It is SOOOOOOO good! And with living on a farm, you get healthier meals, and a healthier lifestyle as well. And with having the whole business thing also, we help the planet just a little more by not using as much gas. I don’t have much to say about farming because I barely know anything about this stuff. But I am learning!


  1. You are an excellent writer. I am very impressed with your stories, and I hope you will write more. I am very proud of you Maya, and I love you very much.

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